Modulation for Mn-doped ZnSe Quantum Dots

For the last couple of weeks we have been attempting to recreate the results found in a paper published by Dr. Stefan W. Hell regarding light modulation of Mn-doped quantum dots.  We also planned to compare the results between the micelles and bare quantum dots to see if there were any different characteristics regarding the modulation of each.

Mn-ZnSe Dots Laser Off



Mn-ZnSe Dots Laser On


Micelles Laser Off

Micelles Laser On

These images are in line with expected results, demonstrating a dark spot whenever the laser is turned on.  Modulation for the two dots, micelles and bare, are nearly identical at 76% and 79% respectively.

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  1. jxu says:

    Hi Dr. Kner
    The result seems good, do you think the modulation depth will be higher if you increase the laser intensity, for example 1.91MW/cm2 , which was used in Hell’s paper?

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